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Many couples planning their honeymoon are opening a Honeymoon Registry and asking friends and family to gift services and cash to enhance their vacation and stretch their budget. This en-vogue practice is growing in popularity, and provides friends with the opportunity to share in your experience.

Memorable Costa Rica honeymoon registry is a free online service designed to work in a fashion similar to other wedding gift registries. Once the regions and itineries are determined, couples can choose from a long list of services. Available gifts are divided into five categories:

The Basics: hotel room nights, transportation service, in country flights
Fun Stuff: tours, activities
Get Romantic: in-room amenities, romantic private dinners, sunset tours
Relax: spa
Thank you: cash & gift certificates

Couples can also choose to add cash gifts that can be used towards the balance payment or to add activities to the itinerary.

Ideally, we would love plan your honeymoon itinerary in coordination with our honeymoon in Costa Rica expert planners. Once reservations in the hotels are made, your personal data is entered to generate a secure login / password. If you already have your itinerary booked, and with to open your registry with us, you are welcome to do so. But many gifts such as cash, gift certificates and hotel room nights are not available if you do not book your Costa Rica vacation with us.

Please contact us at info@HoneymoonInCostaRica.com or call us at 888 928 3688 to plan your Costa Rica honeymoon and open your free online honeymoon registry.